In English: Presentation of Payback Sweden!


Länkat pdf-dokument nedan kan användas fritt av alla för att presentera Payback för era utländska vänner!

Presentation of Payback Sweden

What is Payback?

Payback is nationwide organisations for biker’s rights in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Payback Sweden is an official organisation for biker’s rights with responsibility to prevent all forms of negative discrimination such as harassments, mass controls of bikers and other illegal actions directed against individual bikers or biker clubs.

Paybacks assignment is to run judicial cases whose outcome is of importance to the majority of the bikerkulturen and cases where a judgement could create a precedent that may positively affect all clubs or club members.

What have Payback Sweden achieved?

Payback has among many other things:

Won eight straight court cases concerning regional color bans in three regions. The highest court ruled that regional color bans were contrary to the freedom of the speech.

Payback has also succeeded the Swedish Parliament and the Committee of constitution to, literal after our juridical information of the highest courts judgements, vote down a proposal of nationwide color bans in restaurants, pubs and on all public grounds.

Payback has as a legal representative, in three different cases, forced the Swedish Parliaments special investigator (JO) of different authority’s actions, to establish that different authority’s actions against bikers and biker clubs were illegal.

Payback has helped two different club members to get their jobs back after being fired because of their membership of different clubs.

Payback has frequently appeared in radio as well as television and have had debate-articles published in a variety of media including an entire side article in Sweden’s
largest newspaper “Aftonbladet”.

The future

Three different cases, run by Payback, are coming up for hearing at the court in 2015 and 2016. The roles will be reversed, because for the first time in Swedish court history the biker culture will sue, interrogate and force the police to testify and answer under oath which will cause a huge media interest.

These three cases will therefore greatly benefit the biker culture and set the bikers rights
in focus in a whole new way.

Support Payback – Payback supports you!



Presentation, pdf-dokument

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