Very Important Message from Payback Finland for finnish bikers and MC clubs!

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Payback needs assistance from the Scandinavian biker environment! Act now!

Payback Nordic is taking action in order to stop any further unlawful assault against biker clubs and individual bikers in the north.

Payback needs your help!

Help from all bikers and biker clubs out there in the North. We can manage the matter but we need the biker movement’s help with the documentation of the abuses. Together we can stop the persecution of the culture but we must also help each other!

We need the testimony and documentation

Therefore, we want to get as much documentation (notifications, written testimony, photographs, films, documents) as possible to include the following areas:

– Systematic checks that occur in connection with the biker events.
Records of all elements of the control. Films, photographs, written
– West Ban (liivikielto) in pubs or other premises that bikers are excluded from.
– Signs Ban on motorcycle club signs
– Searches without cause and the devastation afterwards.
– Police contacts with employers in order to defame the employee.
– Police pressure on property owners in order to throw out the clubs on the street.
– Cooperation agreement and action plans against biker clubs.
– And any other action taken against clubs or individual bikers who are stalking, harassment, etc.

The amount of documentation is critical to the success of the case

There are certainly more excesses and areas than those identified above that may be valuable in this context. Therefore all the reports are valuable in this context! It is the amount of documentation that
will be crucial to the success of the case!

And, please note that it is not necessary to document with video or photos. Written notifications will do just fine! Write only one statement with simple words for what happened, when and where it happened and who was brought action against you. It need not be made more or harder. The testimony about what occurred that is important!

Send all materials to the national Payback organizations

Send all materials to Payback’s different national addresses. The matter will first be presented to the Nordic media representatives in connection with Payback announced press conference on 28 September 2011.

Payback Finland

Mika Vesanen

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