Bikerikonen Peter Fonda har avlidit och en hel bikervärld sörjer!

Bikerikonen Peter Fonda avliden!

Bikerikonen, filmstjärnan Peter Fonda avled under lördagen i sitt hem i Los Angeles omgiven av sin familj. Peter blev 79 år och en hel bikervärld sörjer! Peter Fondas betydelse för dagens bikervärld går inte att överskatta!

För Peter Fonda var en ikon inom bikervärlden! Han medverkade och hade huvudrollen i de två kanske mest berömda bikerfilmerna De vilda Änglarna och Easy Rider. Han skrev också manuset till Easy Rider-filmen tillsammans med medspelaren Dennis Hopper samt Terry Southern.

Själv blev jag under tidigt 70-tal, efter att ha sett ovanstående filmer på bio, direkt inspirerad av först köpa moped och därefter lätt och tung motorcykel och på den vägen är det. Så jag har Peter Fonda att tacka för allt jag fått i genom och upplevt inom bikerkulturen! TACK!

Peter Fonda formulerade själva kärnan i bikerkulturens kamp för våra rättigheter!

Peter Fonda formulerade också i filmen De vilda änglarna själva kärnan i hela bikerkulturens kamp för sina fri-och rättigheter när hans via sin rollfigur Heavenly Blues,uttaladeWe wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man!  (Se youtubefilmen ovan)  Vi vill bara vara fria att köra våra hojar utan att bli trakkade av polisendög för bikers 1966 och duger lika bra än idag! Meningen säger allt!

Ian ”Maz” Harris om betydelsen av filmen Easy Rider – Då rockern dog och bikern föddes

Ian ”Maz” Harris är en av blott tre personer i världen som doktorerat på bikerkulturen. Maz var också medlem i Hells Angels MC Kent och Hells Angels talesman i England fram till sin död i en motorcykelolycka år 2000.

Så här skrev Maz i boken Bikers omkring den enorma betydelse filmen Easy Rider hade för att omdana bikerkulturen från rockern till dagens biker!

Medlet till förvandlingen: Easy Rider-filmen innebar att rockern dog ut och bikern föddes! Om födelsen och av strukturen och idén, Bikern!

Sidan 119: Born to be wild became the international anthem of a new generation of bikers. It was released int 1969 of the film Easy Rider, which more than any other single event, projected the biker image.

Sidan 122: British bikers formed themselves into loosekrit clubs, emualating their american precursors as best they could by sewing oulaw patches on to their sleeveless denims and drawing up codes of conduct. Things began to change rapidly. Old time rockers were growing their hair, wearing beads and eagerly exploring the mindbending properties of psycedelic drugs. At the same time they enjoyed the freedom symbolized by a speeding motorcycle. Bikers had at last found their place in the revolution, their own model of action.

Sidan 123: What was needed was a new identity which the bike rider could adopt, an identity which fitted the new way of looking at the world. As, in the States it was the release of Easy Rider in the autumn of 1969 that provided that identity and banished the coffebar cowboy into the dark ages för ever… But not for one single moment did we realize just what a significant and lasting impact it would have on the brittish bike scene. It hit us like a bolt between the eyes… The release of Easy Rider transformed our idea, virtually overnight of what was and what was not meant by the term biker lifestyle.

Sidan 123 ff: Just to watch the pair of them gunning their Harley across the screen with the wind in the hair, was poetry itslef. Incredible music, incredible scenery – thes were more than enough to impress me beyond words… Easy Rider was for us a truly messianic film that quite litterately triggerd off a thousand ideas in our eager… It was like drifting off into another world, a world which we desperately wished to experience for ourselves…

Sidan 123 ff: Dennis Hopper managed to encapsulate brilliantly the very spirit of freedom that we all had felt, at one time or another, out there on the road. He presented on the screen a ceremonial vindication of what we´d known all along but were unable to articulate. Even the numbing schock of the ending, the pointless death, was itself strangely beautiful. It said it all. There could have been no way more fitting, no other way that could have hammered home the message more effectively. Outlaws no longer had to be swaggering, macho bullies to offer a challenge to the world. All they had to do was place themselves beyond the comphrehension of ordinary people in order to qualify for summary extermination. They might be dead and gone, but the challenge had been made, and we were more than ready to take it up. We didn´t talk very much as we made our way home… We didn´t need to. We understood! Se artikel kring Maz Harris bok Bikers

Allt förändrades efter Easy Rider:  Stil, innehåll och struktur! Hojar, körstil och språk!

Sidan 124: Easy Rider gripped our world by the neck and shook it around. Nothing was ever the same again. It provided a clarity of image, a style which had hitherto been lacking and it bannished everything that had gone before into total obscurity.

Even riding styles altered to conform with the new image. Doing the ton down the bypass, chin on the petrol tank, arse in the air, suddenly lost all it´s appeal. Now we rode our bikes along the high street, feet up and laid back inviting the citizens to turn their heads and comment as we passed by.

Bikes became known as choppers, hogs or simply wheels. Birds becaomes chicks or old ladies… It was our very own revolution. The new bike scene was still alive and kicking, only now it wore a new set of clothes, spoke a new language and found new ways to outrage the public.

Vila i frid, Peter! Bikers never die! They just keep riding on different roads! 

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